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Unique, Modern Design That Stands the Test of Time

Howard Keith of hk4design is passionate about every design he creates. If you are passionate about what you do and want to show it, give Howard a call...330-388-0320 Just as every person is unique in his or her own way, so will be the hk4design photo, logo, poster, sign, billboard or print ad that is created just for your business. Someone once said that a picture is worth 1,000 words. Designing and creating brands for companies is our passion and we truly believe we can give your company the right look that equals at least 2,000 words, becauseā€¦

We Want to Make You Look Good!

Using Photoshop, Indesign and Freehand, we can create a design that is unique to your business, a design that will make people think of only you, rather than your competitor. We are not bound by ideas that have been done a dozen times over.

Pretty Much Anything You Can Dream Up, We Can Execute

We have done work for models, car dealerships, airports, nonprofits, hobbyists, concert promoters, etc, and each time the client got our full 100% attention (even if it was 1 a.m.). We are here for you to make you look good (no matter the time of day).

Why Choose us?

  • Over 30 Years Experience
  • Cutting Edge Designs
  • Branding Expert
  • 1st Consultation Free
  • Full Service Design Firm
  • Proven Success

What We Do

  • Architectural Concepts
  • Print Ads for Newspapers & Magazines
  • Promotional Displays
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Advertising Posters
  • Web pages
  • Logos
  • Photography
  • Animation
  • Signs
  • Postcards
  • Car Wrap Designs

Core Services

Identity Systems

Branding -Logos, We create the complete branding package for your business. Full color to black and white, vertical to horizontal, small and large. We have you covered for any type of advertising you will encounter for your business.

Vehicle Wraps

Very popular today are complete or partial vehicle wraps. From motorcycles to cars to trucks to buses and even more. Tool boxes and utility equipment can all have your brand for all to see 24/7.

Print Design

Business Cards to Brochures to Posters to Direct Mail. We handle just about all things printed on paper. We can create a unique piece that will stand the test of time and get your message to your audience.


Building Signs to Monument Signs. Beautiful durable weather proof and most importantly Readable. if it is an outside sign, your visitors or potential customers will only have a few seconds to see and read your sign as they move through traffic and keep their eyes on the road. We design with this in mind.

Web Graphics

Does your website need a POP. We create stunning web graphics. Colorful and eye pleasing with a clear message for your business.


Do you need to talk it over with a seasoned professional. We are available for serious professional to the point discussions on how the right branding and marketing approach can help your business.

Other Services


Do you need your brand embroidered on a shirt or jacket. It takes a special chemistry to make everything readable and cost effective to go from a ordinary designed logo to a very good designed logo on fabric. We can help make this work for you.

Silk Screen

Don't waste time and money by getting this wrong the first time around. We can take this to the next level. We understand graphics and fabric.

Cups - Mugs

Coffee and tea are both very popular today. Get your brand into everyones hands with a custom designed coffee mug with your logo.

Key Fobs-Pens

Items people use everyday can have your brand on them. We make your brand work on these small surfaces. That is what we do.


We understand lighting, angles, time of day, shadow effects along with all the bells, whistles and tricks of Photoshop. This is also what we do very well.


We see marketing and branding a little better than most people. Only because we have been trained on what to look for and years of experience in the field. We recommend talking it over before taking the leap into a new branding identity system. What image do you want to project? Who is your target audience? We can you discover all this and more. Lets Talk!